Saturday, June 6, 2009

Fish cure has competition

HYDERABAD: As the scientific community’s chorus against the fish medicine gets shriller, Ayurvedic experts have decided to provide some stiff competition to the Bathini brothers by organising their own camp for asthma patients on June 8.
A panel of doctors from the Ayurvedic Services Trust, announced on Wednesday, that they would provide medicine to people suffering from asthma, colds and allergies.
The Ayurvedic camp would be held at Gandhi Gyan Mandir, opp Koti women’s College from 8 am to 7 pm. The patients shall be attended by a team of ayurvedic doctors, lead by Dr M P Sharma and the medicine provided will be “purely vegetarian”. It would be prepared with herbs which can be consumed with medicated water provided at the camp.
“The medicine will be more effective if taken on the auspicious day of Mrigashira Karti and if consumed after that, then it may not be that effective,” said Dr Rajender. “The main aim of conducting such a camp is to promote vegetarianism in society and helping people getting beating diseases such as asthma,” said Dr Mahesh Agarwal. The medicine is prepared as per an ancient formula and has no side-effects.
“The camp is being organised from the past 23 years and this year we are expecting more the 13,000 people,” said Dr Rajender.
After taking the medicine with medicated water, the patient shall be provided a pack of 6 tablets for the next 45 days.
“Many other social welfare organisations are also associated in this healthy cause,” said Dr Agarwal.

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